Client Comments

Over the years On-Site Diesel Repair has received numerous comments. Below is a sampling.

“Thank you for the update. I really appreciate all of your help with the survey. It is not easy to find professionals like you. It was a pleasure dealing with you. Thanks again.” Mr. B. Lawlor

“Thank you for a very thorough and well done job. From my reading so far, it sounds like we have a pretty nice boat here, but lots of details to attend to insure longstanding, reliable service. I look forward to receiving your written report. I will be pleased to recommend you to others who seek friendly, thorough, knowledgeable, and prompt service.” Mr. & Mrs. S. McClure

“Gary…thanks for all your efforts!!! I enjoyed meeting you and working with such a professional team.” Mr. W. Rudkin

“Thank you for your incredibly good and thorough work.” Ms. N. McEwen

“Thanks again for coming to our aid. I just got back in the office and really appreciate the great pictures and descriptions of the work you performed. I already miss not having a project to turn over to you since you always have such a ‘can do attitude’ with such knowledge about the problems and solutions. There aren’t many people you meet these days as trustworthy and sincere as you! THANKS FOR DOING THIS PROJECT!” Mr. C. Ellison

“I have received your survey reports and I want to compliment you on the thoroughness and completeness of the report. … I very much enjoyed working with you and want to compliment you on your work ethic. It was indeed impressive.” Mr. P. Engler

“Thanks for your in-depth survey procedures. I was very impressed. … Knowledgeable surveyors with integrity are not easy to find.” Mr. R. Baker

“Your work is excellent.” Mr. R. Figueroa

“Thank you very much for the high quality professional job you have done surveying my boat.” Mr. S. Sehrawy

“I would like to express my appreciation to you for turning your schedule upside down to attend to us. We were extremely impressed with your knowledge and attention to detail, that has been largely absent in recent inspections and diagnostics. I also hope these guys learned a lot from you on your visit. With your recommendations, I am confident we can get these problems corrected and behind us.” Stuart B.

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your attendance, flexibility, and continued efforts on the survey of (60+ meter Feadship). From the time we signed the PSA on this deal I told (broker/name withheld) you were the only person we wanted in this position, and I am incredibly grateful you were able to juggle your schedule and accommodate us. As expected, you didn’t disappoint and gave us all the information we needed. Your efforts to assist in the rectification work was instrumental to bring us to a close. You continue to offer a ten-point service and bring such value and piece of mind to the engine side of the survey work and, again, thank you so much on behalf of both the buyer and myself. I look forward to seeing you on the next one”. Captain JS

“Thank you so kindly for this most thorough (but thoughtful) report. This is a ‘special’ vessel and, with some proper attention to the mechanical and electrical systems, will be a treasure to own. My captain and I really appreciate the blueprint that you have provided us.” Martin S.

“Gary – this is perhaps the most comprehensive, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand survey of this type I have ever seen in the boating side, and better than most (if not all) in the airplane business. You are to be commended! Thanks ever so.” James R.

“We would like to congratulate you on the thoroughness and the professionalism in your inspection. It is certainly the best that I have seen. I only wish that we had previously used your fine firm on previous vessels.” Thomas L.

“Your report was complete and informative and assisted me in making a decision on the purchase of the vessel. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

“Thanks for your report! It was great meeting you and you did a great job. I was very comfortable having you on board monitoring everything!”

“You do great work and it is very much appreciated…If only more people took such pride in their work this country would be so much better!!!” Nick V.

“Thank you very much for your very thorough and extremely well-written report.  I wish the lawyers working for me could write half as well.” Robert B.